Depicto real time picture sharing

Depicto is a next step in advanced photo sharing. Great for stimulating creativity in children.
Or simply for parents and grandparents to have a good time playing with kids online safely.

It lets users:
- upload photos to a multiuser workspace
- view pictures together with friends and family
- collaborate with colleagues
- present visuals to a group
- draw over images, write, sketch, chat
- design artwork
- create your own postcards
- learn drawing skills
- lecture as a teacher to a class of students
- review, mark up and approve materials remotely

Sharing Visuals

We were never too happy with image sharing options on the web. You send someone an image by email, or post it on the web. And then you wait. For a success confirmation and hopefully a reaction from your adressee, delayed by hours or days. Or a failure. Or no response at all. Because in the meantime a whole number of things can go wrong, such as mail software limitations, antispam and antivirus measures. Not to mention human obstacles - your adressee lost the message, didn't notice the image, or wasn't inspired enough to comment. All of this makes 'sharing' a rather solitary existence for a web user.

Another bottleneck - trying to show, point out, explain, describe, present something. This is where depicto really shines. You circle and outline, point arrows, and cross out all you want. And chat at the same time. Depicto answers the need that major photo services overlook - photo sharing. Sure, they let you email a picture or a link.
So we decided to do better - a more advanced next generation picture sharing to show images to others one-on-one in real time. Viewing, chatting, and sketching and collaborating in a shared screen mode.

Photo Management Options

Everyone has a digital camera, and managing our photo collections is a challenge. Fortunately, many web services offer help with organizing your pictures. Unfortunately, they all require signing up for accounts and often installing software
So we decided to do better - no bureaucratic hurdles to use Depicto.
To start, organize the images on your computer. Google offers a nice free program called Picasa. Once you install it, it will search your entire computer and even find images you didn't know you had. Picasa's options are limited, but for the price it's great. If you're a more advanced photographer and computer user, the iMatch photo management software from is absolutely the best, beating out much more expensive programs, especially if your image library approaches hundreds of thousands. That's when popular programs like iPhoto grind to a halt. The iMatch interface is difficult to learn at first, so be patient.

For online picture storage, the better services are Winkflash and Snapfish. These allow you to store a number of photos and also work well as your photolab in the sky, to order prints or even develop film (remember that?). The prints' quality can be less than perfect, as with any photolab, so consider a trial order if quality is important to you.

Other services are more community oriented. is a large community of serious amateur photographers offering reviews and advice. Flickr has become a religious cult with bloggers, so if you believe everything that comes to your mind must be published for the world to behold, accompanied by snapshots off your camera phone, they have the best tools to satisfy your vanity needs. The interface logic is a bit tricky - as of today there are 1625 "how do I...?" support topics. Or, if you're confident you'll live forever, you can browse 53,526 photos of someone's vacation.
There's basic photo sharing, as in "email a link and hope they find it". If you need better than that, give Depicto a try. Incidentally, we have developed a Flickr "bridge", which allows you to log in to your Flickr account and retrieve pictures to use in Depicto collaborations.

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